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Zinc Arc Spraying

Zinc arc spraying is an alternative method of applying a zinc protective coating instead of hot dip galvanising. It has the advantages of being able to be applied to large items - much larger than can fit in a hot dip galvanising bath, it does not cause distortion as can the hot dip process, and it can be site applied or touched up. The coating thickness can be varied to suit the end use.

Zinc Arc Spraying Process

Zinc wire is heated to the point it atomises with either very high voltage electricity or a focused oxy-acetylene flame jet and blasted at just under supersonic speed with high pressure air onto the prepared surface. A critical element of the process is the key to the raw steel which must be checked and tested to ensure the correct profile is achieved.


The build thickness of the zinc coating is tested to ensure that the correct build is achieved so that the required durability will result.


The completed material can be overcoated with a variety of finishes. It is commonly coated with an aluminium vinyl sealer, it can be overcoated with most paints, or it can be left as is.



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